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Drilling lines

A drill line is a wire rope that is part of the control system of a drilling rig or derrick. These drilling lines consist of multiple wire ropes twisted together to form a thick and strong base.

Drilling lines are used to drill holes or pump oil and gas out of the earth. The drill lines make the up-and-down movement of the pump easier.

Oil & energy drilling lines

At Usha Martin, we supply various steel cables for drilling holes or for extracting oil and gas from the ground. The wires we develop for this are designed to perform safely and effectively under the most difficult conditions.

Both the onshore and offshore conditions in which drilling lines are used. Know tough conditions. Usha Martin has developed special cables for this. Extra strong, safe, flexible, and reliable. This results in less downtime and a nice cost-saving.

Drilling Line Length

Drill lines often vary in length and thickness, depending on the desired dimensions of the drilling project. That is why our drilling lines are custom-made.

How do the drilling lines work?

Drilling lines are retracted via a pulley, after which the drilling line is attached to the motor. The motor generates the force needed to lift and lower the drill. Because the drilling line runs through several pulleys, it makes the work a lot easier for the workers.

For every application

In addition to the oil and gas industry, our steel cables are also used in many other places. Our customers come from a wide range of industries. In addition to the oil and gas industry, we also have customers from sustainable energy, cranes, mining, fishing, elevators, infrastructure & structural works, and construction.

Safety is sacred, so our cables are highly reliable. This will only work if you have been delivering the highest quality for years. In addition, our large volumes offer an attractive price.

More information about steel cables for the oil and energy industry can be found here.


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Constructions for drilling lines

All our Usha Martin steel wire ropes are 100% certified and produced to the highest quality. That is why you always get a one-year warranty on our cables. Because of our high quality standard, we are also officially approved by ABS, API, DNV, Lloyd’s, BV and NKK.

6X19s Drilling Line

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6X26ws IWRC Drilling line

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Drill Line
6x19s / 6x26ws IWRC Galv
Nominal diameter
Approx. Weight
Minimum Breaking Load
In. Ø mm Kg/100m kN kN
3/4 19 155 262 288
7/8 22 211 354 389
1 26 275 460 506
1-1/8 29 348 568 636
1-1/4 32 430 711 782
1-3/8 35 521 854 943
1-1/2 38 619 1010 1110
1-5/8 42 726 1170 1300
1-3/4 45 844 1360 1500
1-7/8 48 967 1550 1710
2 52 1.100 1760 1930
2-1/8 54 1.240 1970 2160
2-1/4 58 1.390 2200 2420

About Usha Martin

Usha Martin Europe is part of the Usha Martin Group, one of the largest steel wire rope manufacturers in the world. We are based in Dordrecht and are the sales and distribution centre for Europe.

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