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Usha Martin Europe is an industry leader in the mining rope segment. Both in surface mining and underground mining applications. It is a specific market segment that we have grown to known well. We fully understand that our range of steel wire ropes need to meet some of the most diverse, difficult, and demanding requirements in the world. Our mining and drilling wire ropes have therefore been adapted to the demands and conditions of our international customer base. As we have oversight over the total production process of our steel wire ropes, we can accommodate to specific needs and guarantee a 100% certified solution.

Mining and drilling rope of the highest quality

Throughout the years, we developed a range of wire rope constructions that provide the right combination of excellent breaking load capacity and high resistance to wear and fatigue. Our steel wire ropes are designed to successfully face the severe working & service conditions you meet every day.

Insight in our manufacturing process

When you order one of the various constructions of mining or drilling wire ropes that we have on offer, such as the 6×19 construction or a different steel wire rope, we provide you with all the necessary information. As we supply the 3.1. mill certificate with our products, you can examine the specifications of our steel wire rope and discover its many qualities. We want to be as transparent as possible towards our customer base.

Order our high-quality equipment

Are you interested in using our mining and drilling wire ropes to create safe and efficient work environments? Then feel free to contact us as we can help you in selecting the best wire rope for your situation. Send an e-mail to info@ushamartineurope.com or call us at +31 (0) 180745099.

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  • An overview of the application with type of steel wire rope

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