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Over the years, Usha Martin Europe successfully developed a preferred selection of trawl and purse seine fishing wire rope. All designed and produced for safe and maximum performance.

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Industrial fishing ropes are subjected to a lot of wear and abrasion, especially trawling ropes. As a result, we design our fishing wire ropes towards increased abrasion resistance and reduced pulley wear.

A major deteriorating factor for fishing ropes is corrosion. Therefore, we offer our range of fishing wire ropes with choice of galvanization and lubricant to ensure further extension of rope service life. Always based upon your application and environmental circumstances. But we do not stop there. Based upon your specific application, we design and select the correct construction, including careful selection of strands and wire diameter.

Fishing wire ropes are always on supply at our facility in Dordrecht, reporting to a worldwide network of customers. Some examples are the 6×7, 6×19 and the 6×26 construction.

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Would you like to invest in high-quality fishing wire rope? Then you should get in contact with us by sending an e-mail to info@ushamartineurope.com or calling +31 (0) 180745099. It is also possible for us to fabricate solutions that are tailored to your specific situation. That is how we can help a variety of sectors with our steel wire ropes.

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