Wire ropes are an essential element of almost all marine vessel operations such as mooring and towing. The wide range of usage demands an appropriate versatility from the designers and manufacturers. Consequently, Usha Martin Europe offers a large variety of steel wire rope solutions dedicated to the marine industry.

The perfect mooring or towing wire rope

We are widely known for our range of mooring and towing wire ropes. This range of wire ropes was developed in close cooperation with our customer base and end users. As a result, we have grown to be as the preferred brand for these critical operations. Our selection of wire ropes are widely used on a world-wide basis. for mooring, towing but also a variety of other applications.

Providing you with all the information of our steel mooring cable

Our line of steel mooring cables has excellent build, an undisputed safety record, high corrosion resistance capabilities and a perfect strength/flexibility ratio. This is to provide our customers with the opportunity to work in the safest possible conditions. Whichever type you may choose from, the 6×36 or 8×36 construction, we supply the 3.1. mill certificate with our products, containing all the specifications of the supplied steel mooring cable. This gives you complete insight of the quality of the product.

Use our high-quality solutions

When you are working in the marine industry, our selection of towing and mooring wire ropes are surely to be considered. Whether you would like to order wire rope or ask questions about the production, you can always contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling +31 (0) 180745099.