Usha Martin Europe is a world-leading steel wire rope manufacturer. Since 1960, our ropes have been designed, manufactured, and destined to successfully operate in the most critical applications across many different market segments. Our diverse product range is produced in various manufacturing facilities in Ranchi, Hoshiarpur, Dubai, Bangkok, and the UK. Our warehousing and servicing centers are strategically positioned in the most important markets, such as the Netherlands and the UK. As a result, we can efficiently supply wherever you wish us to.

Durability & reliability from a steel wire rope manufacturer

A steel wire rope manufacturer must have safety as a first priority. Therefore, our steel wire ropes excel in durability and reliability. This we can only achieve by our long-term experience in providing you with a high-quality product. Through economies of scale, we can further assure you a cost-efficient price.

For each application

Steel wire ropes are used for many different reasons. Our customer base can be found in many different markets, such as Oil & Gas, Sustainable Energy, Crane, Mining, Fishing, Elevator or Infrastructure. We like to closely cooperate with you with your particular application and conditions in mind. This is what we do best as a steel wire rope manufacturer and (as importantly) enjoy.

Who, what, where, when; it’s up to you!

It makes no difference where in the world you wish us to be. We are locally present in every major market, through our warehousing and service centers. This ensures that we can globally meet your needs and business standards. In every location, at any time, we can quickly serve your immediate needs. This includes both fast delivery times and good service.


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Market Segments

Oil & Energy

Both in onshore and offshore environments our range of oil field steel wire ropes are exposed to the hardest working conditions.Usha Martin specifically designed its steel wire ropes to meet these requirements. Extra strong, safe, flexible and reliable.The result? Minimum downtime and significant cost savings.


Crane wire ropes have to meet unique and specific requirements, depending upon the type of crane. Our designs are aimed at safe and extended lifecycle and superior resistance to bending fatigue for lifting applications.


Wire ropes are an essential element of almost all marine vessel operations. The wide range of usage demands an appropriate versatility from the designers and manufacturers. Consequently, Usha Martin offers a large variety of steel wire rope solutions dedicated to the marine industry.


Through years of hands-on experience, we established a vast and advanced range of fishing ropes. Our selection of trawl and purse seine ropes is designed, based upon feedback you actually provided. Produced for safe and maximum performance and with choice of galvanization and lubricant to ensure further extension of rope life.


The mining industry reflects operating under the most extreme working conditions, world-wide. Usha Martin is an industry leader in this segment, both in surface mining as underground mining applications.

Elevators & Ropeways

Aimed at safely moving people and cargo, our range of elevator ropes are designed, manufactured and tested under the strictest safety & quality norms. Our range of elevator wire ropes always perform, with ease.

Structural Systems

Prestigious projects around the world, such as, The Vidyasage Setu in Calcutta, Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver and TV Towers in UAE show that Usha Martin is a valued partner in providing specialty steel wire ropes in this segment; world-wide.

General Engineering

In case we did not mention your application, please contact us anyway. Throughout our expertise and experience we will offer you the solution that suits you best. Our vast range of steel wire ropes is multi-functional, every day and everywhere!


High performance swaged wire ropes are a critical element within the forestry industry and are widely used in tractor winches, skidder winches, skyline yarders and woodliners to name a few.