High performance swaged wire ropes are a critical element within the forestry industry and are widely used in tractor winches, skidder winches, skyline yarders and woodliners to name a few. To fulfill the needs of this industry, Usha Martin developed a dedicated and versatile line of swaged wire ropes for ultimate performance, safety and endurance.

Based upon your application and requirements, we offer a range of 6×19, 6×26, or 8×19 swaged wire rope constructions. Ranging from 6mm up to 40mm.

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The ultimate in swaged wire ropes

Usha Martin manufactures the most advanced high-performance swaged steel wire ropes, which are specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of the logging industry. Engineered and produced to the highest international standards and ensuring the utmost safety in critical operations. Our range of forestry ropes are subjected to a unique swaging process, which gives a compact rope structure, and increased strength without compromising flexibility.

Swaging improves the rope’s service life and increases its load-carrying capacity. Usha Martin’s custom-made and precisely engineered forestry ropes are ideal for logging applications to be used as hauling ropes in tractor & skidder winches, and carrying & haul back rope in skyline tower yarder systems.

Special features of our swaged wire ropes

– Swaged cross section
– High breaking load
– Better fatigue performance
– Maximum structural stability
– Improved wear resistance for hard terrains
– Resilience to crushing makes it ideal for multi-layer winding
– Less pressure on drums
– Resistance to vibration Ideal for small diameter pulleys

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  • An up-to-date list of all steel wire ropes suitable for forestry that can be supplied directly from stock
  • All specifications per steel wire rope
  • An overview of the application with type of steel wire rope

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