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Towing steel wire ropes

Our extensive range of towing wire ropes are mainly utilized in the maritime and oil & energy sectors.  Dedicated towards (ocean-going) towing and anchor handling vessels, whereas safety, endurance and performance are the key factors.

Your towing steel wire ropes at Usha Martin

With more than 60 years of experience in supplying and manufacturing dedicated towing steel wire ropes, we are your preferred choice. 

Depending upon your needs, Usha Martin can manufacture its towing steel wire ropes in our manufacturing plants in India, Thailand, Dubai and the UK. Our range of globally located storage and service centres ensure local availability of your desired towing wire ropes. 

Safety is of the highest priority in our daily operations. Consequently, our range of towing wire ropes are designed and manufactured towards extreme reliability and with careful selection of the highest quality wires. And this against a friendly price.

A towing steel wire rope is used in various. We serve customers in different industries:

  • Oil & Energy
  • Offshore Wind
  • Marine

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Global presence for your towing steel ropes

No matter where in the world you have a question for us. We are represented everywhere, and we need to be. That guarantees that we can keep your operations in order. At any place and at any time, we can meet the often acute demand very quickly. Both in fast delivery and good service.

Product catalog

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  • An up-to-date list of all steel wire ropes that can be supplied directly from stock
  • All specifications per steel wire rope
  • An overview of the application with type of steel wire rope

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