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Grab closing rope

A grab closing rope is a steel wire rope, mainly used in the mining, shipping and port industries, mainly bulk terminals. It is used to open and close a loading or unloading grab, a type of grab used to handle cargo such as coal, grain, or other loose material. The grab closing rope is attached to the grab and operated by a crane or excavator operator to open or close the grab to grab or release the cargo.

The grab closing rope can have different lengths, diameter sizes, and end terminations depending on the application and type of load being handled. It is made of steel wire ropes. Proper operation of the grab closing rope is important to safely and efficiently operate the grab and handle the load correctly while loading or unloading a ship or truck.

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Grab closing rope at Usha Martin

A grab closing rope serves different applications and is therefore used in many different places. Thus, we find customers from many different industries, such as:

  • Bulk Terminals
  • Mining Pits
  • Cranes

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For more than 60 years, we are the specialist in manufacturing and supplying custom steel wire ropes. Get your grab closing ropes at Usha Martin.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of grab closing ropes in the world and therefore operate globally. With plants in Ranchi, Hoshiarpur, Dubai, Bangkok, and the UK, we have the ability to deliver anywhere you want. We ensure that we can always deliver the warranty you expect.

The large differences in branches make the work for our customers different every day. We like to think along in the design, production, and maintenance in which the grab closing rope have to perform.

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