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Steel wire ropes

Usha Martin. The specialist in steel wire ropes

With over 60 years of experience as a specialist in the production and supply of steel wire ropes, Usha Martin is one of the largest manufacturers of steel wire ropes in the world. In the year 1960 Usha Martin started with the production of all kinds of steel wire ropes. After which, the trade in steel cables kept rolling out, and is still growing today! With plants in Ranchi, Hoshiarpur, Dubai, Bangkok and the United Kingdom, we are making our mark as a major player in the supply of steel wires ropes. At any place and time, we can provide you with both quick delivery and good service.

Steel wire ropes

A steel wire rope is a bundle of steel wires formed around a core. A strong and load-bearing cable that is used for example in elevators, cable cars and hoists. But besides the examples just mentioned, a steel wire rope can be implemented in many places. Our customers come from various industries such as:

Customized steel wire ropes

Each wire rope is different in size and in applications. Thus, customization is always required when making a wire rope. Whether it’s steel wire rope for applications such as mining, fishing, cranes or the oil industry, at Usha Martin we guarantee the right quality because we always deal with customization. Are you looking for a specific custom steel cable? Then download our product catalog or contact us at: info@ushamartineurope.com  

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6×7 FC steel wire ropes


6×7 WSC steel wire ropes


6×19 FC steel wire ropes


6×19 WSC steel wire ropes


6x25F steel wire ropes


6×26 FC steel wire ropes


6×26 IWRC steel wire ropes


6×36 FC steel wire ropes


6×36 IWRC steel wire ropes


19×7 steel wire ropes


35×7 steel wire ropes


35xK7 steel wire ropes


Steel wire ropes product cataloge

Download now, free of charge and without obligation, our current product catalog containing all steel wire ropes suitable for oil & energy. You will receive it directly in your mailbox.

  • An up-to-date list of all steel wire ropes suitable for cranes that can be supplied directly from stock
  • All specifications per steel wire rope
  • An overview of the application with type of steel wire rope.

    Usha Martin Brochure

    Working method of Usha Martin

    At Usha Martin you are in the right place for steel wire ropes. We relieve the customer in the field of steel wire ropes for different types of end products. Yet almost every process from request to product is the same. We would like to take you through the process:

    1. Requesting the product catalog

      Through our website you can easily download the product catalog. In it you can easily find all prices and information about the different types of steel cables we can supply.

    2. Requesting an offer

      As soon as you have found the right information, you can request a quotation via our website. You can leave your contact details and personal request. Our team will usually respond within 2 hours.

    3. Submitting the quotation

      After approval of the quotation from both parties, we will immediately get to work for you! We like to think along with you about the design, production and maintenance of all types of steel wire ropes.

    4. Process

      Because we are represented worldwide as a company, we can react acutely to the questions from the customer at all times. This way we also make sure that the customer is always informed about the process of the steel wire ropes. This again results in a fast delivery and ultimately a good service.

    Prices of steel wire ropes

    By delivering large volumes at once, we guarantee an interesting price for the customer. You can find the prices of steel wire ropes in our stock list that you can download further on this page. If you are looking for a specific price of steel wire ropes, please contact us at: info@ushamartineurope.com. Our team will respond within 2 hours!

    Steel wire ropes
    Steel wire ropes

    A tailor-made quotation for steel wire ropes within 2 hours

    Are you looking for a professional partner to supply your steel wire ropes? Usha Martin Europe has over 60 years of experience in steel wire ropes. Whether it is about steel wire ropes for applications such as cranes, oil industry, mining or fishing, we provide a guaranteed quality. 

    Are you looking for a specific solution? Then we also offer tailored advice. We will respond within 2 hours to your request.

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    Request a customized quote for your steel wire ropes completely free of charge and without obligation.

    You will receive your offer within 2 hours in your mailbox.

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